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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inGeneral

Joshua Feuerstein Now Wants Christians to Avoid Starbucks and Its “Overpriced Abortion Coffee”

Reading Time: 3 minutes The last time Joshua Feuerstein was ranting about Starbucks, he was yelling at us about why the red cups were somehow “taking the Christ out of Christmas.” You may recall that he encouraged his fans to go to Starbucks, buy coffee, and tell them their name is “Merry Christmas” so the baristas would have to write it on the side of the cup. He even urged people to use the hashtag #MerryChristmasStarbucks.

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Starbucks-Hating Joshua Feuerstein Gets Called Out as a Bigot During CNN Interview

Reading Time: < 1 minute After vertical video addict Joshua Feuerstein yelled at his fans about how Starbucks is “taking the Christ out of Christmas” because they’re using solid red cups, even CNN wanted to know what the hell he was whining about.

Turns out the answer is nothing. When asked to defend his rant, Feuerstein had little to say (other than a jab at how President Obama isn’t truly Christian) and got verbally thrashed by the other guest, radio host Pete Dominick, who offered a much better way to spread the love of Christ than anything Feuerstein had to offer:

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Conservative Christians Are Losing Their Minds Because Starbucks Now Has Red Cups

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s the most wonderful time of the year (and I don’t mean the War on Christmas): #RedCupSeason!

Each winter, Starbucks famously distributes its very merry beverages in festive red cups, and holiday joy abounds.

But something’s different this year. 

While Starbucks’ holiday cups used to feature wintry symbols like snowmen, reindeer, and ornaments, this year’s design is a simple two-tone red color. Most people don’t really care. Some conservative Christians, however, have taken this omission to mean Starbucks is perpetuating a “Christian Culture Cleansing of the West.”

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Evangelist Wants to Know If You’d Say “Yes, I’m a Christian” with a Gun to Your Head

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vertical-video-addict and Christian evangelist Joshua Feuerstein, last seen getting humiliated on national television, is back with his latest lie.

He believes all nine of the victims of the Oregon college shooting were Christian martyrs who died because they had the courage to admit their faith to the gunman. We’ve posted repeatedly about how that wasn’t the case at all. A couple of the victims were decidedly non-religious and the ones who were Christian did not appear to be killed because of their faith. None of that takes away from the tragedy of the situation, of course, but it’s a lie to claim this was an anti-Christian attack.

Not that Feuerstein ever cared about honesty. Christian persecution is his currency and he’s always cashing in. In his latest video, he asks viewers if they would have the courage to say “Yes, I’m a Christian” with a gun to their head. Because that’s how society works now.

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Christian Evangelist Humiliated on National Television for Promoting Bigotry

Reading Time: < 1 minute As Tracey posted earlier this week, the CBS show The Doctors was going to have a showdown between Joshua Feuerstein (the red baseball cap-wearing Christian evangelist) and Mikki Willis (the dad who let his son pick out a Little Mermaid doll for his birthday).

So how did that go?

It turns out when Feuerstein isn’t filmed in vertical video, he loses all of his powers! All four panelists in addition to Willis took turns denouncing the bigot until, eventually, the audience just booed his comments.

It was beautiful. And only partly because Feuerstein wasn’t yelling at the screen.

Posted inGeneral

Christian Evangelist and “Doll Dad” Will Go on TV to Discuss Their Parenting Disagreements

Reading Time: 2 minutes Joshua Feuerstein, the red baseball cap-wearing Christian evangelist, and Mikki Willis, the dad who let his son pick out a Little Mermaid doll for his birthday, have been invited to meet face to face on the CBS show The Doctors.

Following Willis’ viral video of him and his son Azai in the car after purchasing the doll, in which the dad explained why he allows his sons to “choose their own life,” Feuerstein responded with his own attention-seeking video — accusing Willis of having “no cojones” while putting a gun in his disinterested son’s hands.

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