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Is Discussing Classical Theism a Waste of Time?

Reading Time: < 1 minute As you may well know, I spend a lot of time debating classical theism or, as Justin Schieber calls it, “generic theism”. Is this a waste of time? Well, both Schieber and myself think not: RELATED POSTS: Suffering and an Omnibenevolent God God’s Omni-qualities – Who Believes in Them? Arguing the Toss over OmniGod. Why […]

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Divine Hiddenness – An Introduction

Reading Time: 2 minutes This is a good introduction, by Justin Schieber, to JL Schellenberg’s argument: Wiki includes the following: Discussion of Schellenberg’s argument has made explicit a non-theological use of the term ‘hiddenness’, which is now commonly used simply as a way of talking about the subjective condition of nonbelief in God.[4] In his first presentation of the […]

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God’s Omnipotence as Incoherent and Unsatisfactory

Reading Time: < 1 minute Justin Schieber, in the desolate wilderness that is life after the Reasonable Doubts podcast, produces some excellent videos. This one, on omnipotence, is a fantastic insight into the problems faced with defining omnipotence meaningfully. This is well worth a watch. Subscribe to his channel and spread his work! For similar arguments to this, grab my reasonably priced ebook The […]

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Heaven, Hell, and Philosophical Zombies

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the a google hangout  from a few years back, with Counter Apologist and Reasonable Doubts’ Justin Schieber on the Evidential Problem of Evil, we were talking about the great argument against hell. I will set this argument out again, as I have done previously, before getting on to my main point. This is an […]

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Justin Schieber’s Real Atheology

Reading Time: < 1 minute It comes with great sadness to announce that my favourite podcast of all time, Reasonable Doubts, will no longer continue to be. This upsets me because there is no greater podcast on the internet than this one. RD has been with me for a good number of years and has provided ample stimuli for me to pass on in my own way.

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Inter-Testamental Moral Relativism

Reading Time: 2 minutes Theists hate moral relativism. They often accuse atheists and secularists of having it. For them, only the pseudo-moral absolutism of Divine Command Theory, where God’s commands decree morality, seems to work in defining some sort of objective morality. The problem is, though, that they aren’t very consistent. Because, it turns out, they actually adhere to […]

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Good Skeptical Theism links

Reading Time: < 1 minute Skeptical Theism is an approach to the problem of evil that states that we just Index)can’t know the mind of God; that such infinite minds are so far beyond our ken that we couldn’t possibly conceive as to why such evil exists in the world. God moves in mysterious ways: the Omniscience Escape Clause. I […]

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