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The Flocks Still Hate Evangelism: Reset Button Edition

Reading Time: 9 minutes Something has to give, when it comes to panicking businesses in decline. They must pick something to cherish and do it right. Sometimes that’ll mean forging ahead with a new customer base they can actually please and which can actually support them as a business. Other times, it’ll mean taking extra-good care of their existing customers. And evangelicals haven’t yet figured out where to land there.

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Atheists Call Out Kentucky Sheriff’s Religious Promotion

Reading Time: < 1 minute From the American Humanist Association: Following blatant promotion of Christian nationalism by the sheriff of Ohio County, KY, attorneys at the American Humanist Association are warning the publicly-funded office of future legal ramifications. On November 24, 2019, the office’s public Facebook page posted an explicitly Christian prayer, reading in full: “Gracious Father in heaven, we […]

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Local Humanists Demand Respect and Recognition from Gov. Bevin

Reading Time: < 1 minute Another press release from the American Humanist Association: Humanist and nontheist activists across Kentucky have joined with attorneys at the American Humanist Association in a warning letter following Governor Matthew Bevin’s (R) blatant Christian proselytization in a recent public video. On October 1, 2019, Bevin shared a video promoting Focus on the Family’s “Bring Your […]

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Yes, Virginia, There Is An Obi-Wan.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Australia, like most countries do, holds a census every so often to figure out how their population is changing over time. One of their census questions asks about respondents’ religious affiliation. And that is the beginning of a story that seems too weird to be true–a story that tells us one reason why the concept of church and state separation is so important.

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To Flounce or Not to Flounce: Christians Are Starting to Admit They’ve Lost Their Culture War.

Reading Time: 10 minutes I couldn’t help but notice a major shift in the tenor of how Christians are engaging with general culture in the wake of the Supreme Court case about equal marriage–and a new discussion emerging from the ashes of that decision. Today we’re going to talk about that shift and what that discussion is, and what that discussion is leading toward for them–and us.

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The Anatomy of Doublespeak: That ACBC Conference.

Reading Time: 9 minutes Last time I talked about a recent conference held at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. At the time I was concentrating more on a speech given there by Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) leader Al Mohler regarding reparative therapy. Today I want to delve more deeply into the errors of the conference itself because I think it serves as a firm declaration by evangelicals that despite being consistently defeated in every single way imaginable, they still aren’t ready to give up on the idea of bigotry-for-Jesus.