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Where White Evangelicals REALLY Lost Their Way

Reading Time: 8 minutes Richard T. Hughes thinks he has finally nailed exactly what went wrong with white evangelicals. Yes! He knows exactly how they became the control-lusting tribe of racists and tyrants they are today. And you will be very, very happy to know that he’s also identified an easy solution to this problem! Today, let me show you the problem Richard T. Hughes has identified — and the solution he offers in turn.

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Greg Stier, Teen-Ministry Huckster, Thinks Teens Will TOTALLY Save Christianity

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi and welcome back! The self-serving pandering of toxic Christians will never, ever stop amusing me. A recent case in point: aspiring evangelist Greg Stier wrote a recent post on Christianity Today. It insists that today’s teens will totally for sure rescue Christianity from its decline. It’s such a hilarious example of a tryhard promoting himself that it […]

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Christians Aren’t Ready Yet to Fix Their Slump

Reading Time: 10 minutes Christians are losing people fast, and along with members they’re losing shocking amounts of credibility and influence. Some of them have finally begun to accept that their various groups are in a serious slump–years after anyone with half a clue could have told them they were. But they’re still not ready to engage with why the slump is happening, much less to start working out what they should do about it. Here’s what they think is going on–and what is actually going on.

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