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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inReligion

The Unequally Yoked Club: Fireproof’s Fatal Assumption.

Reading Time: 10 minutes While someone might see this movie and assume–as I did repeatedly–that it was hawking a particular marriage advice manual, The Love Dare, that’s not entirely true. The characters repeatedly reference the book and laud how amazing it is and how much it’s helped their marriages, but the movie is quite clear about exactly what really saved Kirk’s marriage in the movie.

Posted inReligion

Fireproof Mega-Review.

Reading Time: 19 minutes Everybody can learn new things. Why, just this morning I figured out how to get italics into my blog post titles. So I knew going into this movie that it’s about Kirk Cameron’s character saving his marriage, so who knows, maybe I’ll learn some amazing new tips and tricks to use in my own relationships!

Posted inReligion

The Great Left Behind-a-Palooza

Reading Time: 16 minutes To my astonishment, a quick search on Netflix revealed not only the new version of the movie but also the original Kirk Cameron version–and the two Kirk Cameron sequels. I feel like a five-year-old on Christmas morning suddenly. I’d say we’re set.

Posted inReligion

The Real Reason for the Season

Reading Time: 9 minutes We’ve been talking lately about Kirk Cameron’s horrible new movie, Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, and I wanted to touch on something I’ve been noticing all too often in toxic Christianity: this propensity toward coming up with tons of justifications for being shitbags to other people. Jesus is supposed to have left some very explicit instructions […]

Posted inReligion

(Not) His Personal Army.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Sometimes it feels like it’s just too easy to run a blog that pokes fun at religion, but here we are. Kirk Cameron recently released a terrible, awful movie called Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, and no, I have no idea if the apostrophe is meant to be a possessive or a contraction or what (though […]

Posted inReligion

The Cult of Before Stories: Shane Hayes, Part 1.

Reading Time: 13 minutes A while ago, Kirk Cameron popularized a fairly-new evangelism technique: claiming that he knows all about atheism because he, himself, was once an (gasp! Shock! OMG!) atheist. He thought it gave him some kind of leg up on authority and credibility to say that he’d once been an atheist, and though the attempt backfired hilariously […]

Posted inReligion

Update on that Macklemore Grammys Story I Posted–

Reading Time: 4 minutes I didn’t feel like updating the story I did about the Grammys yet again (hopefully the link works this time), but two more things about it that I thought were interesting and might be of interest to y’all as well: * A Christian rapper has done exactly what Christians have always done ever since the […]

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