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Are you intelligent?

Reading Time: 4 minutes How do you know how intelligent you are? Is intelligence about amassing information or knowing what to do with the information you have? Is intelligence genetic, or can you learn it? How would you measure intelligence? Would you frame a series of questions you know you’ll smash because you have the necessary life experience to win? […]

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Islamophobia phobia

Reading Time: 4 minutes Until a few years ago, Sweden had a national Twitter account. A random citizen would curate the @sweden username for a week before passing it on. The government shut it down in 2018 after its content started leaning to the right. Inspired by the Swedish model, an @ireland account is still going strong. The Irish […]

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Let’s talk humanist science fiction: An interview with writer Ray Nayler

Reading Time: 15 minutes In North American literature, strict boundaries are often propped up between fiction and nonfiction, along with “literary” and “genre” prose. These are useful for commercial purposes, but out of step with our history. Speculative fiction might even be considered our oldest literary form: a realm of play and exploration, and a way of reaching deeper […]

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The ‘Help-Rejecting Complainer’ (LSP #213)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Not long ago, I discovered a very useful term in dealing with difficult people: the help-rejecting complainer. Sure, it gave me flashbacks to my time in the trenches doing tech support, but it also gave me a framework of perception that’ll help me in the future. I thought y’all might also find it useful. So today, Lord Snow Presides over the unique way that descriptions help us frame problems — and solve them.

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