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Utility vs. Truthfulness in ‘Atheist Overreach’

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! Lately, we’ve been talking about Christian Smith’s 2019 book, Atheist Overreach. In it, he seeks to make a case for Christian dominance as a force for good in the world. But he does it in such a strange way. He doesn’t argue that we should follow Christianity’s rules because a real live god […]

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The Jezebel Spirit Manifests in ‘This Present Darkness’ (LSP #111, Ch. 8)

Reading Time: 8 minutes If you couldn’t tell, this book just fascinates me–not because of its writing or story, but because it lets readers peek at the seeds of some very ugly traits in evangelicalism. One of the worst of those traits is their deep hatred of uppity women. They call that uppity-ness a Jezebel spirit. So today, Lord Snow Presides over the Jezebels destroying humanity in This Present Darkness.

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Stan Gudmundson: A Christian Culture Warrior Embodies Its Underbelly

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hemant Mehta recently found what he’s calling “the worst attempt at converting atheists [he’s] ever seen.” I’m not sure it’s the worst worst, but it’s definitely bad. He already did a great job covering the highlights, but I wanted to show you how this essay fits in with Christian evangelism. We’re deep into the culture wars now, and today’s special guest thinks he’s one of its emissaries.

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Why People Don’t Like Christians, According to a Christian (Real or Not Real Edition).

Reading Time: 12 minutes Located on a site called Bible Reasons and called “25 Reasons Why The World Hates Christians And Christianity,” his screed didn’t exactly inspire me to trust its level of accuracy. Christians don’t tend to have a very firm grasp about how non-Christians see them and their religion. But it did provide some insight about just where right-wing Christians in particular are deceiving themselves.

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Christians and the Law of Conservation of Worship

Reading Time: 9 minutes I’ve been thinking lately about something I’ve noticed about many Christians trying to evangelize non-believers: they try to paint our various worldviews as very similar to their own, only inferior. Sometimes the lengths to which they’ll go to establish this commonality seem downright nonsensical. If you’ve ever wondered why that is, then strap into your seat because today we’ll be talking about the Law of Conservation of Worship.

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