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Why Conservative Comedy Isn’t Funny

Reading Time: < 1 minute I am preparing this morning for the net interview for MythVision on my Resurrection book (The Resurrection: A Critical Examination of the Easter Story [UK]) – today, we are talking empty tomb. It’ll be a live stream taking place at around 09:20 am EST. In the meantime, check this out. As ever, Cody Johnston’s Some More […]

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The Left and Their Cancel Culture!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Goddamned lefties and their cancel culture, as the Boston Globe reports: As the debate over the teaching of critical race theory in the classroom intensifies across the country, the firing of a Tennessee teacher last month emerged as a flashpoint in the discussion over the weekend. Matthew Hawn, who had been a tenured teacher at the Sullivan […]

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The Nonsense in Spades We Are Now Dealing with

Reading Time: 9 minutes Dealing with dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporters was difficult enough when he was in office, but now that he is gone, such cultists have doubled down to a state of psychological mania that beggars belief. I have seen Twitter feeds and forum comments that make me incredibly sad. This isn’t a watershed moment of getting the US […]

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Unpicking the Capitol Fiasco

Reading Time: 9 minutes The last few days weeks years five years have been incredibly damaging to US democracy, the soft power and reputation the US has in the rest of the world (nurtured back to respectability by Obama), and to the country’s social cohesion. But the conversation has often been about whether Trump was the cause or the symptom. […]

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Political Compass

Reading Time: < 1 minute The political compass is always worth doing to see where you fit on a more pluralistic spectrum other than a simple left/right continuum. It works between left and right, authoritarian and libertarian. I think it’s genuinely quite accurate with its appraisal. I do get annoyed at answering questions simplistically where, as a philosopher, I really […]

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