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The UK will outlaw conversion therapy for gays, but not trans people

Reading Time: 3 minutes When the government refers to “talking therapies” it is, in effect, referring to prayer. So its exclusion of trans people from a conversion therapy ban it announced last week can only be interpreted as capitulation to pressure from religious groups who have been working flat-out to retain all “pray-away-the-gay” interventions. In announcing the ban in […]

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‘Christian Love’ Flows As Jen Hatmaker Divorces

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hi and welcome back! I know nobody’s surprised when we talk about evangelical hypocrisy. They’re soaking in it! However, today’s story might represent one of the more egregious recent examples of that trope. Jen Hatmaker, a popular Christian speaker/author, recently announced her impending divorce. As expected, most people responded with compassion. But one group has decided to […]

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Herd Immunity for the Christian Bubble

Reading Time: 10 minutes The denizens of broken systems tend to take very poorly to critics outside the group–and even more poorly to dissenters within it. Often they reserve their most vicious retaliation for those dissenters. But of late, it’s gotten safer for Christians to dissent. In a very real sense, their tribe’s herd immunity may be fading away. I’ll show you why today–and why there’s never been an easier time to walk away from that most broken of systems.

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Things Christians Love: The Meaningless Apology.

Reading Time: 11 minutes We’ve talked before about the not-pology, that kind of apology that isn’t actually a real apology. I’ve been reading PostChristian by Christian Piatt, who makes use of that common Christian distraction tactic early in the book. I’ll show you why he used the kind of apology he did, what he thinks it means, and what it really reveals about the people who use it–and why we’re on firm ground to view all similar apologies with deep suspicion.

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