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Faux Libertarians Are Really Authoritarians

Reading Time: < 1 minute I recently recorded this YouTube video to express my annoyance with people who claim to be political libertarians. This includes almost half of the US electorate, the small-government political right. I wrote about this a few years ago with regard to Nigel Farage’s supposedly libertarian party, UKIP: “Being skeptical about UKIP and their claims; Are […]

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Political Compass

Reading Time: < 1 minute The political compass is always worth doing to see where you fit on a more pluralistic spectrum other than a simple left/right continuum. It works between left and right, authoritarian and libertarian. I think it’s genuinely quite accurate with its appraisal. I do get annoyed at answering questions simplistically where, as a philosopher, I really […]

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“Socialism Is Evil”; Yeah, Not a Good Time to Be a Libertarian…

Reading Time: 4 minutes Socialism is evil! Venezuela! Communism! CORONAVIRUS… Government, please bail us out! Please help us! Let’s work together to make sure of this and of that… Let’s nationalise private healthcare provision in the short term… Let’s…Let’s… I’ve heard assaults democratic socialism, social democracies, mixed economies – the lot – over the years from members of the […]

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On Free Market Economics: Free Market Success Stories

Reading Time: 32 minutes Buckle up, this is another sizeable piece… (my series conclusion is below too, so don’t miss that). In this series looking skeptically at libertarian claims of free market capitalism being the holy grail of all of reality, I have come to the section where I cast a skeptical eye over some of the more common […]

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On Free Market Economics: No True Capitalism

Reading Time: 13 minutes Here is my second post in my series on free market skepticism (here is my first). I will start you off with this comment: However let’s move onto your left-wing economic degenerate lies where you say You then hit out with this garbage in response to me stating that free markets have never failed; “That’s because you […]

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Quote of the Day: islandbrewer on Libertarianism

Reading Time: < 1 minute I love this quote, that came out of a burgeoning thread on libertarianism: Singapore is relatively more free than the vast majority of nations. I’d much rather live in Singapore than … Australia. Really? Death-penalty-for-drug-crimes and caning-for-chewing-gum and no-free-press Singapore is more free than Australia? Oh, wait … no … you’re one of those “Liberty=maximizing […]

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