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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inWar and Peace

Can Putin, locked in a bubble of bad intel, spin his way out of disaster?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Colonel General Gennady Zhidko is being reappointed to command Russia’s Eastern Military District. One pro-Russian Telegram user has claimed that the general and others have created “a wall of lies…a sea of blood and a swamp of corpses.” That wall of lies has for many months encircled the Kremlin. Yet, in the world of geopolitics, […]

Posted inPolitics

Election Fraud!

Reading Time: 3 minutes We have had to listen to too many people spread too many lies for too many months. The Big Lie needs to be locked up, the key needs to be lost forever, and the US needs to move on. But still, it persists. But still, the GOP insist on shenanigans like those going on in […]

Posted inEthics, Politics

Evangelical Christianity, the GOP, Morality and Cognitive Dissonance

Reading Time: 7 minutes Cognitive Dissonance: The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes. People tend to seek consistency in their attitudes and perceptions, so this conflict causes feelings of unease or discomfort. This inconsistency between what people believe and how they behave motivates people to engage in actions that […]

Posted inPolitics

“I Didn’t Want to Cause a Panic” (At All Other Times: “PANIC! PANIC!”)

Reading Time: < 1 minute When it comes to Trump’s lies in the context of downplaying (lying about) coronavirus, Brian Tyler Cohen eviscerates him in this video: The GOP, with every election cycle, drives their electorate with moral panics and generating fear about abortion, Democrats taking your guns, immigration, law and order and every other talking point they love to […]

Posted inPolitics

Trump’s War on Democracy

Reading Time: 11 minutes I really fear for the state of US democracy. I mean, really. Things are dire in a way that Republican supporters and voters don’t realise, like lobsters slowly boiling in a pot not realising as, incrementally, the temperature rises. There is so, so much I could write about here. I’ll try to pick my choices […]

Posted inUncategorized

God’s Own Free Will

Reading Time: 5 minutes I have written variously on this subject before but wanted to bring together two ideas: God cannot have free will. If he does, he could not have used it to create the world. Libertarian free will (as in the conscious and actual ability to choose otherwise in a given scenario, ceteris paribus – LFW) is […]

Posted inHealth, Politics

Why Do People Put up with His Obvious Lies?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The other day, we had the ridiculous situation of Trump making claims about UV and disinfectant use in terms of fighting coronavirus. I even had a fight on Facebook against someone saying he was actually mentioning and bringing into play some bona fire science. As we were arguing, Trump rescinded his claims. And the person […]

Posted inGeneral

Riddle Me This, Trump Supporters

Reading Time: 3 minutes Here are a few quotes from (((J_Enigma32))), which turned up on a recent thread, that deserve some thought: So then, riddle me this: under what circumstances would it be okay, by your measure, to criticize Trump? What criticisms of Trump can you think of – surely the man isn’t perfect, and you have disagreements over him. […]

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