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Antiprocess: That Get-Out-of-Uncomfortable-Truths-Free Card

Reading Time: 11 minutes I literally didn’t notice the Bible’s most troublesome passages. I don’t even think I was even capable of noticing them. At the time, I suffered from a malady that appears to strike many Christians: antiprocess. I was reading the words and seeing the pages, sure, but I wasn’t able to clearly perceive what they said. Through antiprocess, I protected myself from a confrontation with some truly challenging new ideas and contradictory information. Here’s how I did it–and why I had to do it.

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Herd Immunity for the Christian Bubble

Reading Time: 10 minutes The denizens of broken systems tend to take very poorly to critics outside the group–and even more poorly to dissenters within it. Often they reserve their most vicious retaliation for those dissenters. But of late, it’s gotten safer for Christians to dissent. In a very real sense, their tribe’s herd immunity may be fading away. I’ll show you why today–and why there’s never been an easier time to walk away from that most broken of systems.

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How Christians Lied to Me About Life Without Christianity

Reading Time: 11 minutes I can see why Christians have all sorts of untrue notions about life outside their religion, and this is one of the most untrue and the most game-changing of all the untrue things they believe and teach. In short, Christians flat-out lied to me about what life was like after I deconverted, and I’ll show you how–and why–they did it.

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Life After Deconversion: The Scary Superfluity of It All

Reading Time: 10 minutes Though many folks thought Ryan Bell’s Year Without God was a stunt, I had several friends who knew him–one or two quite well–and who vouched for his sincerity. He blogged about his experiences here at Patheos and often popped up in religious news and folks’ social media pages. His journey out of religion began with a question–a game-changing question that I’ll share with you today.

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Busting the First Myth About Having Meaning and Purpose in Life

Reading Time: 12 minutes It can be hard to detangle all that indoctrination when someone deconverts, because their entire framework for viewing their lives comes from a religion that they now know makes a slew of untrue claims. Sometimes that framework isn’t even verbalized, so it can take years just to recognize that it’s even there, lurking behind our eyes and whispering all kinds of lies to us when we’re vulnerable. So I want to tear down the curtain separating us from the false wizard behind the scenes and show you those myths.