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How the SBC Lied for Jesus With Their 2021 Annual Report Sneak Peek

Reading Time: 9 minutes It’s fascinating to me to see how the SBC’s Dear Leaders spin-doctor their decline to the flocks, not to mention how they keep trying to reverse (or at least bottom out) their decline. And friends, they outdid themselves with a shockingly-dishonest press release about their 2020 numbers. Today, I want to show you how the SBC’s leaders misrepresented the truth about last year’s numbers with their 2021 Annual Report sneak peek.

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LifeWay: A Continuing Spiral to the Bottom

Reading Time: 10 minutes LifeWay is the publishing and propaganda arm of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) — and easily the denomination’s biggest and most influential subgroup. But in recent years, LifeWay looks more and more like a star that is falling. Today, let me catch you up on what’s going on with this evangelical publishing company — and show you why their most recent leader reflects this dysfunctional group’s covert goals a lot better than its stated ones.

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Discipling: What It Is and Why It Won’t Save the SBC

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! Recently, I mentioned that a lot of Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) leaders have pushed very hard for discipling as the surefire fix for their denomination’s 50-year-long decline. If conversions amount to the sales end of their evangelism process, then discipling functions as retention. However, despite being totally convinced for years that discipling can fix everything wrong with […]

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Why Evangelicals Love TRUE CHRISTIAN™ Research

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi and welcome back! Recently, we looked at a pair of TRUE CHRISTIANS™ who were complaining about all the Christians who just refuse to Jesus correctly. In their post, these guys mentioned a few recent bits of Christian research that they felt bolstered their claims. However, every one of their sources suffers from a big […]