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‘My Mister’: Kind of a love story about something else

Reading Time: 4 minutes Long before I experienced the beguilingly and sometimes joltingly offbeat South Korean drama Parasite, which so deservedly won the Academy Award for best picture in 2020—the first-ever Korean winner—I’ve been a huge fan of that country’s ever-enthralling movies and TV series. Thank goodness for mega-streamer Netflix, which stocks a massive archive of new and older […]

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Contradicting the universe

Reading Time: 2 minutes One of the hardest things about being a fully secular human is realizing that the universe couldn’t possibly care less whether I am happy or safe, or fulfilled, or even alive. It doesn’t help that most of the pieces of the universe all around me—the ones shaped like me—care about my happiness only fractionally more […]

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The empathy of rats, again

Reading Time: 4 minutes A lot of folks still don’t realize that animals can do quite a few of the things we used to think only humans can do. Empathy is one trait I’ve heard those folks reach for as a human-only trait. Today, let me show you how they’re wrong: rats can, indeed, display the quality of empathy toward other rats.

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We’re Made Out of Meat (Journey Into Hell #3)

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hi and welcome back! Lately, we’ve been talking about Hell — as a concept, yes, but especially as a beloved threat from toxic Christians. Constantly, such Christians deploy this threat to strong-arm new victims into complying with their various demands. Of course, they also use it to keep existing Christians’ butts parked firmly in pews. […]

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The Evolving Appeal of Cinderella (LSP #189)

Reading Time: 7 minutes As narratives go, Cinderella has alternated between capturing American women’s imaginations to repelling them, then back again to charming them. Today, Lord Snow Presides over a fairy tale that speaks to how we feel, ultimately, about relationships — and people are examining this age-old love narrative from a modern perspective.

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The Feeling’s Mutual

Reading Time: < 1 minute Blinky has found love. It’s so nice when you can find someone who just gets you and you know you are exactly on the same page with. Support Blinky & Sal on Patreon and check out the barbarian adventures of Barb on Webtoon. Blinky AND Todd Almighty PLUSHIES handmade by Team Manticore!