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The Love/Life Seminar and the Politics of Fixing People

Reading Time: 12 minutes Last time we covered what the seminar’s creators thought were the five levels of friendship and the fundagelical fixation on fixing their friends. I mentioned that the reality of fixing people didn’t look much like the rosy picture painted in that seminar. Today I want to expand on that idea. I’ll show you more about that rosy picture–and what the reality is behind that veneer.

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The Love/Life Principles Seminar of 1986.

Reading Time: 15 minutes I wanted to show you the roots of that cultural shift today, as we move into the holiday season, to show you why I’m so thankful that I got out of the religion while it was just ramping up its push to seize control of American culture. Today we look at the roots of courtship culture as revealed by the Love/Life Principles Seminar of 1986.

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The Love Dare: Repackaged and Warmed-Over Glurge.

Reading Time: 11 minutes I scared up a copy, got reading, and then went through a second time and made notes. Copious, copious, notes. (Looking back over the notes, I can see I was getting progressively more and more frustrated with the thing – my notes started getting more and more editorial and profane as I went.) I ended up with notes that are almost as long as the book itself. More even than what The Love Dare represents in and of itself, though, it doesn’t actually say anything really new at all regarding relationships or how people should conduct themselves with their romantic prospects and partners.

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