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MLMs: Desperation Breeds Dark Deeds

Reading Time: 12 minutes Last time we met up, I showed you some really bad public-relations news for multi-level marketing schemes (MLMs). Today, let me show you how the people in charge of these thinly-disguised financial cults are responding to all this bad news. I’ve no doubt you’ll find quite a few similarities to another group we often talk about that’s in decline.

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Another Bad Week for MLMs (And Potent New Red Flags)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Every now and then, we touch base with the world of multi-level marketing schemes (MLMs). These schemes have infested and pervaded many people’s lives. As the participants get ever-more desperate and frantic to succeed, these businesses seem to collapse further and further in on themselves. Today, let me show you some of the recent bad news for MLMs–and an interesting new red flag that’s developed as they decline in popularity.

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It’s A Really Bad Week To Be An MLM Shill

Reading Time: 10 minutes Today, I want to catch you up on news from the MLM world. In addition to being a really predatory faux-business model, it turns out that the companies and people involved with these schemes get in trouble constantly! Maybe the pendulum is swinging back around to sanity, however. Maybe. Come with me and learn what the MLM news is lately–and see why these companies’ owners probably don’t like being in the headlines lately!

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Speaking of Promises of Major Changes, LuLaRoe (LSP #82)

Reading Time: 10 minutes As we saw a while ago, these Christians share quite a lot of characteristics with multi-level marketing schemes (MLMs). These two groups also share quite a few pitfalls and shortcomings! When we hear one of these groups promising big huge changes, we are entirely within our rights to feel distrustful of their intentions. Today, Lord Snow Presides over what happens when an MLM really does make big changes–and why neither Christians nor MLMs want to do that.

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The LuLaRoe Train May Finally Be Wrecking (LSP #64)

Reading Time: 8 minutes Just six short months ago, the train began to derail for a business that once seemed too big to fall. Now it seems like this gigantic multi-level marketing scheme (MLM) might actually be toppling! Today, Lord Snow Presides over a terrible lesson in the School of Hard Knocks–one that its pupils are unlikely to heed.

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