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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inSatire

Beatings Before Blessings: The Gospel According to Mark Driscoll

Reading Time: 2 minutes OnlySky · Beatings Before Blessings: The Gospel According To Mark Driscoll | Becky Garrison Once again, disgraced Mars Hill Church (MHC) pastor Mark Driscoll proved he is more paranoid than pastoral. In a sermon delivered on October 22, 2022 at Trinity Church (Scottsdale, AZ) as part of his ongoing sermon series on Nehemiah, Driscoll presented […]

Posted inSatire

Which Christian conference is right for you?

Reading Time: 3 minutes OnlySky · Which Christian conference is right for you? | Becky Garrison For those looking for faith-based fellowship, here’s a curated list of upcoming Christian conferences geared toward a wide range of believers. Happy Christian conference hunting! As reported by Charisma News, the leading news outlet for the TBN Tribe, the Reawaken America Tour (Fall 2022) […]

Posted inReligion

Gospelbound: Authoritarians Think More Control Means Less Churn

Reading Time: 10 minutes The tagline TGC created for Gospelbound claims it offers listeners “firm faith in an anxious age.” Of course, it does nothing of the sort. Instead, it offers the usual authoritarian blahblah from the most toxic elements in their entire end of Christianity. I’ve saved the most alarming of that blahblah for last: their oh-so-very Calvinist plan for churn reduction. They think more control over congregants means less churn from their churches. Today, I’ll show you what that means — and why it’s such a laughable contradiction of the supernatural claims of authoritarians.

Posted inReligion

The Birth of Jesus: Anything But Heartwarming

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! It’s very nearly Christmas, that special, magical time of year when Christians celebrate the arrival on Earth of their god’s future human sacrifice. Oh wait. I mean, the birth of their savior. As you might guess, I don’t consider this myth nearly as admirable as the vast majority of Christians do. Today, […]

Posted inReligion

An Introduction to Bro-Dude Christianity

Reading Time: 11 minutes Hello and welcome! A few months ago, we talked about evangelicals’ reckoning with mental illness in their ranks. One flavor of Christianity seems especially vulnerable to this problem, too: bro-dude Christians. Today, let me show you what bro-dude Christianity is — and how it’s made toxic Christianity even worse. (Disclaimer: Today, we discuss toxic Christianity. Obviously, quite a […]

Posted inGeneral

Where Mark Driscoll’s Been Lately (LSP #80)

Reading Time: 7 minutes From the beginning, I figured Mark Driscoll began blogging to help bury his disgrace. When he arrived to Patheos, he prompted a tempest-in-a-teapot. I figured early on that he probably wouldn’t last long once the novelty wore off. As it turns out, he lasted longer than I expected! But he’s dribbling to a close, it feels like.

Posted inGeneral

Mark Driscoll’s Miracle, His ZOMG MEERKUL YAWL (LSP #61)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Mark Driscoll’s been a busy boy lately. Not on his blog. That’s gone almost two solid months without an update. I mean in real life. But he has a clickbait update-that-isn’t-an-update for his readers that, as usual, explains nothing–except his own need to glorify himself. Today, Lord Snow Presides over Mark Driscoll’s ZOMG MEERKUL YAWL.

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