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My big fat Christian wedding

Reading Time: 3 minutes If major religious differences doom a marriage, mine should have been toe-tagged at the altar. Our religious differences were arguably as major as they could get. By the time I approached that altar in a century-old church in San Francisco, I’d identified as an atheist for 15 years. I read the Bible critically at 13 […]

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Can it work? 12 considerations for interfaith marriages

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Let’s run through 12 problems facing people who desire to mate with others who don’t share their religious worldview. If you can’t address and deal with the following 12 items, cancel your next date and proceed no further with the wedding plans. 1.  Will you acknowledge or confront the feelings of both families—grandparents, parents, […]

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Kent Hovind: Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hi and welcome back! The other day, we took an introductory look at a relic of Creationism’s heyday: Kent Hovind, who styles himself ‘Dr. Dino.’ Hovind got arrested right at the end of July on domestic violence charges against his newly-estranged third wife. He also didn’t respond well to her decision to end their relationship. […]

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The Marriage Dilemma for Single Evangelicals

Reading Time: 7 minutes Not long ago, we reviewed a Christian book called Where Have All the Good Men Gone? In this book, author A.J. Kiesling sought to find out just why it was so incredibly hard for single evangelicals to find spouses to their liking. Then, we laid a lot of groundwork about the dysfunction going on in evangelicals’ marriage hunts and relationships. Today, I’ll show you the massive dilemma facing today’s single evangelicals — and what it tells us about evangelicals as a group.

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No, ‘The Church’ Can’t Save Marriage, Mark Regnerus

Reading Time: 12 minutes Hi and welcome back! Recently, I ran across an article in Christianity Today that dovetails nicely with a recent topic we discussed about single women leaving Christianity. This new article concerned the dwindling number of married people in evangelicalism. Written by woo pseudo-social-scientist Mark Regnerus, the article sounds a warning bell to the tribe and calls upon […]