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OMG UTAH! Congratz!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Weddings make me so emotional. They’re such a raw, visceral statement of hope and love, such a singularity of joy, a shriek of intention heard ‘cross the rooftops of the world. So yes: every state that gets equal marriage, you can bet I’m bawling like a baby over the thrilled and happy faces of those […]

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The Unequally Yoked Club: As I Lay Dying (To Myself).

Reading Time: 17 minutes One of the hardest parts about deconverting out from under a fundagelical marriage was unlearning my indoctrination and re-learning all the rules for how men and women should interact. One of those ideas I had to unlearn was the idea of “dying to yourself.” But it was the one I needed to unlearn the most. […]

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The Christian’s Guide to Ex-Christians: When “Experts” Aren’t Really Very Expert.

Reading Time: 10 minutes Today we’re going to be talking about Christians who claim to know stuff they really don’t know. It happens a lot, so clearly there’s been some miscommunication on the subject of late. It always blows my mind when Christians act like experts about stuff they are simply not experts about. I’m not even talking about […]

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Another Patriarchy Type Has Bitten The Dust.

Reading Time: 9 minutes First, a bit of housekeeping: Hello to the new readers! Hang out as long as you like. I for one welcome our new reptilian overlords. And mega shout-outs and thanks for linkage to one of this blog’s oldest and dearest buddies, Psycho Gecko, who is hands down one of the weirdest and zaniest fiction writers […]

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The Kodak Marriage

Reading Time: 17 minutes Christians’ laser focus on marriage unfortunately highlights the sheer inadequacy of their rules about relationships themselves. Let me show you what I mean today.

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The Unequally Yoked Club: The Terrible Bargain.

Reading Time: 12 minutes (Content warning: lots and lots of sexism directed at Yr. Loyal Correspondent, but I’ll spoiler this shiznit now by telling y’all that this unhappy tale ends happily.) When I was very young, I saw how my mom and dad operated as a couple. I saw that my mom worked full-time, as did he. For most […]

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The Unequally Yoked Club: Why Can’t Things Just Go Back the Way They Were? (I’ll tell you why.)

Reading Time: 13 minutes Welcome back. BTW, did you know that the Halloween post is where we busted 666 comments? I just thought that was funny. Y’all are the best. Also, remember that “soulmate” stuff I’ve been talking about? Courtney Stodden, a teenaged reality wanna-be star who married a guy in his 50s and gushed on nationwide TV that […]

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