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The Unequally Yoked Club: Going Nuclear.

Reading Time: 9 minutes I had this big long old post I was doing about exactly how my time in the UYC came to an grueling end, but for various reasons (including that Biff is one of those tiresome dipsticks who threatens lawsuits every time he feels slighted), I decided to gloss over a lot of that drama. Here’s […]

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The Unequally Yoked Club: The Bargaining Table.

Reading Time: 10 minutes After Biff figured out that I was quite serious about having deconverted, the bargaining phase of his grief cycle began. It took a little while for me to realize that his goal was nothing less than to get me to step foot back inside a church, with the assumption that once I did, his god […]

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The Unequally Yoked Club: Questioning Assumptions.

Reading Time: 9 minutes This’ll be a brief post about assumptions I operated under when I was a Christian. These assumptions were a sort of mental voicemail message that played all the time in my head, in the background, under my radar. They were unquestioned and unexamined–just there. I think a lot of the time, Christians–especially the kind in […]

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Losing the Plot (and Plotting the Loss).

Reading Time: 12 minutes You know, every so often right when I think that toxic Christians are starting to catch on to how obvious it is to outsiders that they want to control all the rest of us, they top themselves with a new entry in that “I cannot believe they said that” contest they’ve been running for the […]

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Redefining Words: Love

Reading Time: 13 minutes Christianity’s been quietly redefining the word “love” to the point where I can’t really be sure that any Christian I talk to who uses that word is actually using it in a way that I would ever recognize.

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