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Taking Back My Body

Reading Time: 6 minutes I was not my own. I was bought at a price. I was my beloved’s and he was mine. My husband and I were each raised in conservative evangelical Christian homes and churches, and we were both given the same basic messages: our bodies belonged first to God and second to our future spouses. It […]

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The Unholy Trinity – Rehashing Gay Marriage Years Too Late

Reading Time: 10 minutes This is part of my series on Matt Walsh’s book, The Unholy Trinity, Blocking the Left’s Assault on Life, Marriage, and Gender. Chapter 6 is titled “The Impossibility of Same-Sex Marriage.” I’m glad to get back to writing, graduate school has gotten in the way recently. I’ve been trying to do this book review more frequently, […]

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The Love/Life Principles Seminar of 1986.

Reading Time: 15 minutes I wanted to show you the roots of that cultural shift today, as we move into the holiday season, to show you why I’m so thankful that I got out of the religion while it was just ramping up its push to seize control of American culture. Today we look at the roots of courtship culture as revealed by the Love/Life Principles Seminar of 1986.

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Lord Snow Presides… Over Mark Driscoll’s Bad Advice About Marriage. (#18)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Mark Driscoll’s blog has been a treasure trove lately, as he struggles to resolve one of his religion’s greatest failings: its defective and faulty teachings about marriage. One can see why half his his blog appears to be composed of advice regarding marriage–Christians labor under a divorce rate that screams out the truth about their religion’s poor teachings, and the further right into the religion one progresses the worse marriages get and the more acrimonious and frequent the divorces seem to be. Mark Driscoll happens to stand way to the right in his religion, so one can easily excuse him for being thus concerned. Today Lord Snow Presides…. over Mark Driscoll’s terrible not-good ineffective guaranteed-to-fail marriage advice.

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Civil vs. Religious Marriage

Reading Time: 3 minutes “I now pronounce you husband and wife.” Who is authorized to utter the Wedding Pronouncement, those seven words that finalize most wedding ceremonies?  The states make the rules on this.  Most of them authorize members of the clergy, judges, both active and retired, and Justices of the Peace. In the United States, a marriage can […]

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The Dirtiest Word in the Whole Wide Christian World

Reading Time: 12 minutes Christian leaders push this redefinition onto their flocks for a reason–and to reach a goal that they clearly feel is more pressing than all that boring stuff Jesus is supposed to have told them to do. I’m talking about compromise, of course, and here’s the skinny on it–and why it’s going to sink any effort Christians even try to make to save their religion from irrelevance.

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