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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Lee Strobel’s Martyrbation List (#13-15)

Reading Time: 8 minutes In this last installment, Lee Strobel stops selling evangelicals on seeker-sensitive churches to remind them that only they understand how to Jesus correctly. Moreover, he warns them that if anybody criticizes their Jesus-osity, it’s literally only because of their blazing-bright Jesus Auras. Today, let me show you how Lee Strobel models martyrbation for his readers.

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Promise and Peril: Lyman Stone’s Galaxy-Brained Solutions to Decline

Reading Time: 10 minutes Yesterday, we examined a big report by conservative culture warrior Lyman Stone on behalf of American Enterprise Institute (AEI). He had a lot of things to say about the decline of Christianity in America, and I detected a constant theme of fearmongering and potential exaggeration throughout his work. We’ve already covered what his assertions are. Now, here’s my assertion: Lyman Stone needs his target audience to be scared enough to buy his product, because ordinarily they’d recognize what a bad idea that’d be. 

Posted inReligion

Christian Lies: We’re So BRAVE For Being Christian!

Reading Time: 9 minutes Oh my gosh, y’all, who in the world are these brave warriors? Who are these people willing to risk such stakes just to make sure that everyone hears for the zillionth time about a fictional character we already knew about? They’re just so, I dunno, DIFFERENT, y’all! We’ve never seen brave people before willing to act this way for their beliefs! Never! 

Posted inReligion

The Poor Widdle Heathens in ‘Only God Can’

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! We saw a movie recently, Only God Can, that covered quite a few tropes in fundagelical thinking. Today, we’ll be covering one of the most-beloved ones of those tropes: the idea that TRUE CHRISTIANS™ are much happier and more functional than poor widdle heathens ever could be. Come to Fundagelical U […]

Posted inReligion

The Persecution Fantasies in ‘This Present Darkness’ (LSP #92)

Reading Time: 9 minutes This poorly-written book helped elevate the Satanic Panic in Christian imaginations–and shaped their conceptualization of spiritual warfare for many decades to come. It did even more than that, though! Today, Lord Snow Presides over the way that This Present Darkness drew battle lines for culture warriors through the manipulation of their persecution fantasies.

Posted inReligion

Stan Gudmundson: A Christian Culture Warrior Embodies Its Underbelly

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hemant Mehta recently found what he’s calling “the worst attempt at converting atheists [he’s] ever seen.” I’m not sure it’s the worst worst, but it’s definitely bad. He already did a great job covering the highlights, but I wanted to show you how this essay fits in with Christian evangelism. We’re deep into the culture wars now, and today’s special guest thinks he’s one of its emissaries.

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