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Show me your room: Building an ingame home

Reading Time: 7 minutes Years ago, on one of the online games I staffed, I decided to offer everyone who played it a room of their own. They could decorate it or not, do as they pleased with it, even reject it. To my delight, this decision turned out to be a very popular one. Ever since then, I’ve looked at player housing as an important way to help players connect with games.

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That Time Someone Tried to Revitalize an Online Game I Staffed

Reading Time: 9 minutes Revitalization efforts tend to fail because once a group is solidly entrenched in a particular way of behaving and thinking together, it’s almost impossible to create lasting change in its members. Long ago, I learned that lesson in spades on an online game. So today, let me recount for you that time someone tried — and failed — to revitalize a game we played.

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Hypocrisy: A Feature, Not a Bug.

Reading Time: 12 minutes Recently I made an offhand comment about how I saw hypocrisy in religion as not a bug or a glitch in the ideology, but a feature of it. Today I want to expand on that idea a little more because I caught myself by surprise there and realized that it’s important. I began thinking about gaming, and how games are structured around features and bugs. So yes: today is a gaming post!

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