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It’s times like these when hope is hardest to find—and when it’s needed most

Reading Time: 6 minutes To be progressive and politically engaged this summer is to absorb one blow after another, with more in the offing. The demise of Roe v. Wade. Severe limits slapped onto the EPA’s ability to combat climate change through regulation of power-plant carbon emissions. The specter of Republican-dominated state legislatures being turned loose to administer federal […]

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The work we do, with the time we have

Reading Time: 6 minutes When I was a wee sprog, I dreamed big. I was going to be a physics professor, working on tricky cosmology problems related to heat and expansion. (I was the precocious twit reading Feynman and Hawking at twelve and, like any twelve-year-old, feeling confident that I understood everything because I’d read a few pop-sci texts.) […]

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There is no ‘crisis of meaning’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Over 80 million. That’s how many hits a Google search for “crisis of meaning” generates in the past year alone. It makes sense that “crisis of meaning” would be in people’s minds. We are worried, and with good reason. Here in the US, the pandemic saw a surge in anxiety, depression, and other mental health […]

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We’ve got everything here

Reading Time: < 1 minute We’ve got meds for your head  when the going gets tough  We’ve got taurine in cans  when caffeine’s not enough. We’ve got porno and politics, cartoons and stuff So you don’t have to think  when you’re down in the dumps Now this little pill,  you can take when you’re ill And it makes you feel better like that And we’ve got plenty more  for when you […]

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The Argument from Reason Boils down to an Argument from Intentionality or Consciousness

Reading Time: 9 minutes As I stated in order to introduce the Argument from Reason in my first post in this series (concerning doxastic voluntarism): CS Lewis fashioned the Argument from Reason and it has since been taken on by Christian philosophers and apologists such as Alvin Plantinga (in the form of the Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism – EAAN) […]

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Some Questions to Dr J Berger

Reading Time: 5 minutes As some of you will know, I recently edited a book by Joseph J Berger called Science & Spirituality (Barnes & Noble), which is available now (please grab a copy, even though Amazon are being bastardly difficult with their distribution). The book, as you will find out, is aimed predominantly at students as an introduction to scientific […]