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Which Christian conference is right for you?

Reading Time: 3 minutes OnlySky · Which Christian conference is right for you? | Becky Garrison For those looking for faith-based fellowship, here’s a curated list of upcoming Christian conferences geared toward a wide range of believers. Happy Christian conference hunting! As reported by Charisma News, the leading news outlet for the TBN Tribe, the Reawaken America Tour (Fall 2022) […]

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Why the nonreligious need to disengage from the latest spiritual buzz

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Christian media empire, the institutional church, and faith-based progressive political organizations continue to promote false spiritual buzzworthy slogans such as “if you build a better church they will come,” “we’re on the cusp of a new kind of Christianity,” or “if you follow my way of being, you will receive spiritual enlightenment, sacred sexual […]

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Paige Patterson’s Having a Tough Time, Y’all

Reading Time: 9 minutes A while ago, we looked at Paige Patterson, a Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) leader who landed in very hot water thanks to his intense misogyny. Lately, he’s been trying to snake his way back into hucksterism–only to discover that SBC flocks are way less receptive to such comebacks than they used to be. Today, let’s cry tears of peanut butter for this reprobate and his difficulties–and then let’s see how his return to ministry’s progressing.

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The SBC’s Sex-Abuse Scandal Is Getting Worse

Reading Time: 9 minutes The ‘Abuse of Faith’ scandal happened right on the heels of the denomination’s other sex-abuse scandal. And both are ongoing while the denomination struggles to overcome tanking membership numbers. As Southern Baptists gear up for their big Annual Meeting and Bigotry Jamboree, which began today, let’s look at how they’ve chosen to address all of these staggering problems.

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J.D. Greear Knows How to Solve the SBC’s Misogyny Problem, Too!

Reading Time: 11 minutes Poor J.D. Greear. Dude literally just got elected the Grand High Lord Poobah of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and he’s already stomping on my last nerve. Last time we touched on his solutions to the SBC’s years-long decline. Today, we’ll look at his non-solution to the problem of misogyny in his blighted, embattled denomination–and why it won’t work at all. And then we’ll look at why that’s the point.

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The Fruits of Complementarianism

Reading Time: 11 minutes Today, I’ll show you how meaningless Greear’s gestures are in the face of the SBC’s greatest triumph–which is also its greatest systemic flaw: complementarianism. He thinks he’s oh-so-evolved. But in reality, he’s simply battling to keep the status quo right where it is: in his lap. Worse yet, people have finally seen the real fruits of this doctrine.

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