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Why letting veterans teach without degrees is a bad idea

Reading Time: 2 minutes As reported in MilitaryTimes on Tuesday, Florida’s Department of Education announced that in an attempt to fill 9,000 teaching vacancies, veterans can now receive a five-year voucher to teach without a degree. This is part of Florida’s statewide expanded career and workforce opportunities for military veterans that is budgeted at $8.6 million. These vouchers would […]

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Army chaplain’s Ph.D. thesis: Using the military to win Christian converts

Reading Time: 5 minutes Back in March, William Harrison earned his Ph.D. in Missiology from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. (Missiology is the study of religious missions, usually Christian ones.) Harrison’s degree and subject matter aren’t the issue… but look at that title again: “The United States Military: A Field for Great Commission Fulfillment.” It appears to be saying that […]