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Young progressives have every right to feel disaffected. They should vote anyway.

Reading Time: 4 minutes The party leaders are ancient. They’ve been in charge of the White House and Congress for almost two years but haven’t delivered. They bring butter knives to political fights with a rival party that wields AR-15s. So it seems from the vantage point of many young progressive citizens, and it’s more than understandable that they’re […]

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Chick-Fil-A Meltdown: Evangelicals Are Giving Us the Most Glorious Meltdown EVER!

Reading Time: 12 minutes Before, I thought Mike Huckabee’s 2015 tantrum over rainbow Doritos was the most awesomely funny evangelical meltdown ever. But no, it turns out that that title belongs to the millions of self-appointed Designated Adults in evangelicalism freaking out over their favorite virtue-signaling fast-food seller, Chick-fil-A (CFA), mayyyybe not being quite as bigoted as they used to be.

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The Awakening of the Young

Reading Time: 10 minutes Young people are awakening to their own power and agency, and that is very bad news for conservatives in America. Today, in the wake of both the death of one of the architects of toxic Christianity’s entire culture war model and yet another study revealing losses for Christianity, I want to share some truly good news with you.

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How Fundagelical Leaders Will Reassure the Tribe After Roy Moore’s Defeat

Reading Time: 9 minutes Many political commentators have noted that the election wasn’t just a statement from voters who rejected Moore’s antics, but also one regarding the entire American Republican Party itself–and maybe even toxic Christianity itself, which is the social movement that allowed Roy Moore to succeed for as long as he did. So obviously Christian leaders have their work cut out for them in formulating a response to their increasing rejection by the rest of society. But they probably won’t pick a very good way to respond, and today I’ll show you why I say that.

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Another Christian Band Bites the Dust.

Reading Time: 8 minutes I saw this one video the other day and thought it was really good–but something twigged in my memory about the band in it. From there, I began tallying up similar bands, and now I’ve got to ask: what’s going on with Christian music lately? Is it just me, or is there like a lot of them who started out Christian and now aren’t?

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Hang On, Everyone! This Christian Knows What the Problem Is!

Reading Time: 15 minutes We’ve been having fun this week snarking a post in The Federalist to eensy-weensy little pieces. But who could blame us? The Christian who wrote it managed to outshine all his pals in finding the most WTF explanation possible for why his religion’s losing so many adherents and so much credibility and influence in the eyes of the world. That isn’t easy to do nowadays!

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