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Seeing the funny side of death

Reading Time: 6 minutes All I could think of when a searing pain spread across my chest as I sat on a bus last week was “No, no, NO! This is not the way I want to go.” Dying of a heart attack is just so…mundane. And that manner of passing would certainly not earn me a place in […]

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Beware: Esports Is the Big New ‘Mission Field’

Reading Time: 7 minutes Christians have wrecked their credibility in so many places that it’s getting hard for them to find new ways to prey upon the unwary. But wait! They think they’ve found one that has not yet been sullied by their overreach and insensitivity. Today, let me show you the newest ‘mission field’ Christians want the flocks to prowl: esports!

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Op-ed: Bibles and basketball

Reading Time: 4 minutes My attention was snagged today by a tweet dated August 5 from one Brooks Buser, above, that said ‘Tomorrow night, deep in the mountains of Papua New Guinea, after 5 months of teaching that started in Genesis 1:1, the gospel will be presented to the Amdu people for the first time in their known history. […]

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A First Look at the SBC’s 2018 Numbers (OW OW OW OW)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Before their convention every year, SBC leaders like to offer up some sneak peeks at what the denomination can expect from their Annual Report. As usual of late, the news is not great for them. Today, let’s explore the sparse information they recently released about last year. We’ll see what the SBC has revealed–and what they’ve carefully hidden away out of sight.