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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inParenting & Family

My big fat Christian wedding

Reading Time: 3 minutes If major religious differences doom a marriage, mine should have been toe-tagged at the altar. Our religious differences were arguably as major as they could get. By the time I approached that altar in a century-old church in San Francisco, I’d identified as an atheist for 15 years. I read the Bible critically at 13 […]

Posted inUncategorized

The Love/Life Principles Seminar of 1986.

Reading Time: 15 minutes I wanted to show you the roots of that cultural shift today, as we move into the holiday season, to show you why I’m so thankful that I got out of the religion while it was just ramping up its push to seize control of American culture. Today we look at the roots of courtship culture as revealed by the Love/Life Principles Seminar of 1986.

Posted inReligion

The Real Danger of Being Unequally Yoked

Reading Time: 13 minutes The ironic thing is that out of all the made-up, manufactured terrors that Christians burden themselves with, this one actually is a problem. Today I’ll show you why Christian leaders put so much emphasis on never being unequally yoked–and why they should fear it.

Posted inReligion

Leaving the Ring.

Reading Time: 8 minutes Christian leaders themselves can spin-doctor the latest bad news as much as they like (and oh, they have been!), but reality is unfolding in their ranks whether they like it or not. Their flocks don’t have the luxury of denial. They’ve had to come up with strategies for dealing with the new reality of Christianity’s demographic shift, most of it in direct defiance of their leaders’ demands.

Posted inReligion

The Alternate Reality of Christian Mingle: The Movie.

Reading Time: 9 minutes Last time we met up, we were talking about Christian Mingle: The Movie. It’s a rom-com about a young Christian woman who pretends to be very fervent on the dating site Christian Mingle in order to catfish herself a very fervent Christian man who is not what he seems either. Hilarity ensues. Today, having gotten some rest and plenty of water, I’ll show you how this movie backfired on its makers by showing us a side of Christianity that Christians really should not want non-believers to know exists.

Posted inReligion

The Unequally Yoked Club: He’s in Love with a Church Girl.

Reading Time: 19 minutes Continuing the long tradition of evangelical urban legends and worn-out tropes in movies*, I’m in Love With a Church Girl offers up a rehashed and cliché-riddled bit of schlock that is “based on a true story,” which means it bears only the faintest hint of a trace of the real story. This movie looks at the topic of mixed-faith relationships–and it does so in quite possibly the most offensive, misogynistic, and insulting ways possible.

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