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We are becoming more moral, not less. So why all the moaning to the contrary?

Reading Time: 7 minutes There is no doubt that society is becoming less religious. Statistics from the US, the UK, and many other developed nations show that religiosity is in decline. As a result of this demographic shift, there are those in society (particularly among the religious) who claim that, as a result, we are becoming less moral. […]

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Can a Christian be moral? Let’s ask ChatGPT

Reading Time: 2 minutes I asked the new super-artificially-intelligent ChatGPT this question: “Can a Christian be moral?” Here’s what the entity immediately spat out: Yes, a Christian can be moral. Christianity teaches that morality is grounded in the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, and that believers should strive to follow his example and teachings in their own lives. […]

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When humanists became haters

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the last several years, many humanists who had never hated anyone before were taught to hate. They were taught to hate a particular man. And they were taught to hate this particular man by the man himself. It was as if the man looked humanists in the eyes and said, “I was chosen to […]

Posted inTrue Story

Adventures of a secular suburbanite

Reading Time: 2 minutes Late in the afternoon today, my dear wife and I ventured outside into the fading swelter of the month-long southern California heat spell, and we heard the familiar, nostalgic tootling of an ice cream truck’s tune. There hasn’t been one of those around here in ages. She rushed across the street to indulge in a […]

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Stop using the ‘not very Christ-like’ argument with right wing Christians

Reading Time: 13 minutes Humanists know that there is so much to do in our hurting world. It’s frustrating when a given cultural moment nevertheless compels us to dwell on toxic religious turf instead. Every time we do? We’re not working together to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Not grappling with rising environmental and war refugeeism, and reshaping […]

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