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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inReligion

A study in straw: Apologetics, alphabets, and the Torah

Reading Time: 6 minutes The prevailing consensus among modern scholars of the Bible and Semitic philology (the study of structure and history of languages) is that the Torah—or Pentateuch, if Greek is your cuppa—was largely composed or compiled in its present form during the first millennium BCE. This would place it compiled some centuries after the latest period depicted […]

Posted inSatire

Diary of Moses recently discovered

Reading Time: 3 minutes Here is a translation from the recently discovered Diary of Moses, originally scratched onto sheep’s skin in a steady, ornamental hand. Sinai  Desert / Summer 1232  BCE / Monday Dear Diary: I wish I brought some of my manuscripts with me, something to while away the hours. G-d knows I can’t rely on these bricklayers […]

Posted inUncategorized

Jesus as the New Moses and Theology Historicised

Reading Time: 12 minutes Oddly, you might think, I will start this piece off with something commenter Cath Olic said in reply (that was in no reply at all) to a post about an interview dissecting the origins of religion in Israel and the genesis of Judaism: Today I heard part of an interview with Dr. Holly Ordway who […]

Posted inUncategorized

Exodus Sidebar: Jesus As the New Moses, Myth upon Myth

Reading Time: 3 minutes In writing the first couple of chapters for my new book project on the Exodus, I was doing some reading of Raymond Brown again, the masterful Catholic exegete who wrote the superb The Birth of the Messiah. I was reminded of the over the belief theological manipulation that we see evident in the Gospel of Matthew in […]

Posted inHistory, Religion

Debunking the Exodus VI: The Moses Birth Myth Is Nuts and Draws from other Myths.

Reading Time: 12 minutes Unfortunately, over the extensive series concerning the availability of pitch as a waterproofing caulk in the Nile River area of Egypt during the New Kingdom era, we have failed to see the crap for the pitch. Let us get back on an even (thoroughly pitch-caulked) keel by looking at the birth myth again, not in the context of it being appropriated […]

Posted inHistory

Exodus Sidebar: Pitch – You Wouldn’t Let It Lie!

Reading Time: 14 minutes Ah, dag nam it. You wouldn’t let it lie, Armstrong. You wouldn’t let it lie! 😉 Okay, I’ll spare you all the previous, readers. Here are the links: Debunking the Exodus V: Moses’ Birth Exodus Sidebar: Refuting Armstrong’s “Refutation” on Pitch (but Oddly Not Sargon) Exodus Sidebar: More on Moses and Sargon Exodus Sidebar: Sargon […]

Posted inHistory

Exodus Sidebar: The Final Pitch Battle

Reading Time: 16 minutes As part of my debunking the Exodus series, I’ve been involved in a prolonged debate with Dave Armstrong, in particular, regarding…pretty much everything I have stated. Let me give you a super-quick synopsis of where we are at. One of my arguments was that the Moses birth story was appropriated from the surrounding culture when […]

Posted inHistory

Exodus Sidebar: Sargon and Moses – the Final Word…?

Reading Time: 6 minutes There has been a back and forth between myself and Catholic apologist (with a bent for biblical literalism) Dave Armstrong on the subject of the Exodus account from the Bible, and specifically recently on Moses’ birth story and its dependence on the pre-existing Sargon birth myth (in itself, a tropey affair). Theist Verbose Stoic (VS) […]

Posted inHistory

What’s More Likely: Snake or Stake?

Reading Time: 3 minutes A recent comment by WCB on a thread today reminded me of the Exodus claim of Moses’ staff: The Staff of Moses is a staff mentioned in the Bible and Quran as a walking stick used by Moses. According to the Book of Exodus in the Bible, the staff (Hebrew: מַטֶּה‎ matteh, translated “rod” in the King James Bible) was used to produce water from a rock, was transformed […]

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