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Mother-daughter stories are easy. You just have to break the universe

Reading Time: 5 minutes More than ever before, adult children are breaking ties with their parents. Shifting cultural norms and expectations, coupled with increased individualism and awareness of mental health concepts, are prompting children in their 30s to go “limited contact/no contact” with parents, and learn techniques like “gray-rocking” to communicate with parents who trigger emotional breakdowns and irrational […]

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HumanGate: Al Mohler’s Dishonest Game

Reading Time: 7 minutes Al Mohler helped set parenting up as a game his people can’t win anymore. And now he’s trying to scare his flocks into playing. Today, I’ll show you why he’s not being honest about the game he’s demanding women play for him.

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The Prayer Journal at the Hospital Chapel

Reading Time: 9 minutes I was thinking today about Christians who accuse ex-Christians of treating their god like an automatic teller machine (ATM). They level this accusation at us whenever we remind them that prayer doesn’t do anything in the real world. A while ago, they decided that if we mention this shortcoming, then obviously we deconverted because we didn’t get a pony upon demand. Today, let me show you how I figured out why Christians keep accusing us of this imagined shortcoming.

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On the Lips and Hearts of All Children: Mother.

Reading Time: 7 minutes “Mother” is a serious word to me, one that encompasses care, love, sacrifice, courage, hard work, dedication, support, and so much more. When I hear about terrible mothers, about abusive mothers, about cold and uncaring mothers, part of me wants to shower these women’s children with my own mother. I’d certainly be on safe ground if I did.

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