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An Evangelical Site Tries Hard to Ignore Their Single Moms

Reading Time: 8 minutes In the April issue of Christianity Today (CT), their cover story involved the most hilarious bait-and-switch attempt I think I’ve ever seen from any Christian site, like seriously ever. In this story, CT tried to pretend that there’s some big groundswell of single evangelical women (and some men) who are adopting children rather than waiting for marriage and procreation. Today, let’s look at this story they ran — and the real one they absolutely, positively did not want to discuss — about evangelical single moms.

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The Prayer Journal at the Hospital Chapel

Reading Time: 9 minutes I was thinking today about Christians who accuse ex-Christians of treating their god like an automatic teller machine (ATM). They level this accusation at us whenever we remind them that prayer doesn’t do anything in the real world. A while ago, they decided that if we mention this shortcoming, then obviously we deconverted because we didn’t get a pony upon demand. Today, let me show you how I figured out why Christians keep accusing us of this imagined shortcoming.

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My Mother’s Dress.

Reading Time: 10 minutes Clothes fascinate me. They’re a powerful sign of our own personal individuality and a statement about how we view ourselves, our place in whatever tribe we call our own, and what aspirations and opinions we hold. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been fascinated with the subject. Weirdly, until recently I wasn’t much for modern fashion itself, but the everyday clothes that people choose and wear is something I could talk about all day long. In my case, the sartorial apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Today I’ll show you how.

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On the Lips and Hearts of All Children: Mother.

Reading Time: 7 minutes “Mother” is a serious word to me, one that encompasses care, love, sacrifice, courage, hard work, dedication, support, and so much more. When I hear about terrible mothers, about abusive mothers, about cold and uncaring mothers, part of me wants to shower these women’s children with my own mother. I’d certainly be on safe ground if I did.

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