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Why Jesus-ing Harder Won’t Bring Churchless Believers Back

Reading Time: 10 minutes When we were talking about churchless believers last week, I mentioned that I hadn’t seen a lot of Christians offering concrete strategies for bringing these believers back into church sheepfolds. The ones who do offer strategies tend to offer ones based around Jesus-ing harder. But that won’t work here any more than it’s ever worked anywhere in Christianity. Today, let me show you why Jesus-ing harder doesn’t ever fix anything — and why it can’t.

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Thanksgiving: What Is Most Important

Reading Time: 5 minutes Captain Cassidy grew up fervently Catholic, converted to the SBC in her teens, and became a Pentecostal shortly afterward. She even volunteered in church (choir, Sunday School) and married an aspiring preacher! But then–record scratch!–she brought everything to a screeching halt when she deconverted in her mid-20s. That was 25 years ago. Now a comfortable None, she blogs on Roll to Disbelieve about psychology, pop culture, politics, relationships, cats, gaming, and more–and where they all intersect with religion. She lives with an adored and adoring husband named Mr. Captain and a sweet, squawky orange tabby cat named Princess Bother Pretty Toes. At any given time, she’s running out of bookcase space.

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Batman vs. Germ Theory (LSP #156)

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hello and welcome back to Lord Snow Presides (LSP)! We’re all done with Frank Peretti’s grueling slog of a Christian pipe dream, This Present Darkness. To kick off our reboot, I thought I’d begin with something Mr. Captain was talking about the other day. It’s the reason he just can’t take Christian evangelists seriously. I liked his take on […]

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Promise and Peril: Lyman Stone’s Galaxy-Brained Solutions to Decline

Reading Time: 10 minutes Yesterday, we examined a big report by conservative culture warrior Lyman Stone on behalf of American Enterprise Institute (AEI). He had a lot of things to say about the decline of Christianity in America, and I detected a constant theme of fearmongering and potential exaggeration throughout his work. We’ve already covered what his assertions are. Now, here’s my assertion: Lyman Stone needs his target audience to be scared enough to buy his product, because ordinarily they’d recognize what a bad idea that’d be. 

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Weaksauce Substitutes and Daddy Issues in ‘This Present Darkness’ (LSP #124, Ch. 14)

Reading Time: 10 minutes In Chapter 14, we’ll discover how dangerous it is for Christians to seek out real experiences that compete with their beliefs. We’ll also encounter a character capitalizing on a young woman’s Daddy issues. Yes, today, Lord Snow Presides over two dangers fundagelicals dreaded in the Satanic Panic in the 1980s: counterfeit experiences and secrecy.

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