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Is the Pussy Riot ‘Punish’ music video calling out Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church?

Reading Time: 3 minutes I don’t typically write about music, but the Satantic references (along with some interesting commentary on Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church) in the latest Pussy Riot music video, definitely caught my attention. While it’s certainly not the first time a band has used its platform to spotlight current issues, whether social or political, and […]

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Interview: Rogiérs Fibby on the demonization of African culture in the West Indies

Reading Time: < 1 minute International artist, singer-songwriter Rogiérs Fibby grew up on St. Croix before moving to Washington D.C., where he is a member of Black Non-believers DC. We talked with Rogiérs about attempts by Christian slavers to suppress the indigenous culture and music of slaves, and how African traditions persisted and evolved for those living under slavery in […]

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Lounge11: One of the first internet viruses

Reading Time: 2 minutes This is the story of “Lounge11.au,” an audio file that is a long-forgotten example of one of the first internet viruses. Remember when this was what we meant by “viral”? The music in this video is a loop of a track called “lounge11.au” Lounge11.au used to play in a continuous loop on the Hormell Food’s […]

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Music is made of time

Reading Time: 3 minutes Music is a hard thing to study or even talk about because it can’t stop moving. Aside from film, visual art tends to stand still, giving the viewer some control over the experience. But music moves forward relentlessly, thwarting any attempts to get a firm grip. Say you tell a friend that you went to a Frida Kahlo exhibit […]

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Friday Night Music: Turntables

Reading Time: < 1 minute The networks still haven’t called it, but a victory for Joe Biden is reaching the point of inevitability. It’s time to start celebrating, and I can’t think of a better anthem than this one from Janelle Monáe: What’s your favorite celebratory song?

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The New Mo-RAL Pa-NIC: Syncopation! (LSP #164)

Reading Time: 8 minutes Back in 2011, a Christian salesman tried his best, bless his cotton socks, to start a(nother) moral panic over syncopation. He thought that if you put your em-PHA-sis on the wrong syl-LA-ble, then you’re opening the door of your frontal moral lobe to Satan himself. But he wasn’t warning his tribe out of the goodness of his heart. Today, Lord Snow Presides over ridiculous Christian hucksters and the dishonest tactics they use to make sales.