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The oil god delusion: What ancient pantheists got right

Reading Time: 7 minutes Long, long ago, humans tried to make sense of the world by imagining whole pantheons of self-absorbed jerks with outsized power: so-called “gods” whose family quarrels, personal tantrums, dysregulated sexual behaviors, and violent insecurity about others doing anything even close to as well as them shaped the fate of all consigned to suffer in their […]

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The first 1000 words written about Jesus

Reading Time: 5 minutes Let’s remember what we’re not dealing with, and what we are dealing with, in a gospel writer. Goodbye journalist, biographer, historian. Hello mythologist and fabulist. Mythologists and fabulists have been the most successful storytellers in the history of writing. Their books have been on best seller lists for thousands of years. Some of their writings […]

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Why Do We Create Myths?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dana Horton is back with another one of his guest pieces – thanks ever so much! Over to him: Why Do We Create Myths? (4-minute read) Last week we talked about ‘Our Guy’ Heraclitus, and the idea of not being able to step in the same river twice. In the article, we mentioned that Heraclitus […]

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