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The Trump Betrayal Evangelicals Just Aren’t Talking About

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! Last week, news emerged about Donald Trump mocking and belittling evangelical leaders. And strangely, I can’t find many of them talking about this betrayal. Today, let me show you self-interest so profound that evangelicals can forgive literally anything their idol says or does. (Important pre-note: I don’t use scare quotes with […]

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Why Toxic Christians Hate ‘Weak Christians’ So Much

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! One recent topic of interest around here is the redefinition of love that toxic Christians use as a blank permission slip to mistreat others. Often, they call their variant Christian love. It’s anything but love, but it is definitely and specifically part of their brand of Christianity. This variant has certainly flowed in […]

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Weaponized Pet Names: Recognize This Control-Grab

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi and welcome back! I find inspiration in the strangest places sometimes. Case in point: this story from Cheat Sheet about a TV show called 90-Day Fiance. In it, an unpopular star repeatedly calls his ex-girlfriend ‘sweetheart’ in one of this show’s ‘tell-alls.’ And the show’s fans exploded in outrage. They were right to take offense at his use […]

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Narcissists in the Pulpit: The Worst Advice Ever

Reading Time: 11 minutes Hi and welcome back! I recently caught this news and it blew my mind. See, apparently tons and tons of Christian pastors have Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)! Evangelicals in particular have begun talking about the rash of narcissists in power in their churches — and offering the worst advice ever for dealing with it. Today, let’s […]

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The Dark Triad and Virtue Signaling

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi and welcome back! Recently, a study came out regarding something of great interest to me. It’s quite an interesting study, linking as it does two personality traits: the dark triad and virtue signaling. Today, I want to explore both of these traits — and how signaling can influence us all. (This post was one of those […]

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Why White Evangelicals Are Freaking Out Lately

Reading Time: 12 minutes Of late, the news has been filled with stories of the most shocking and heartbreaking kinds regarding middle-aged white conservatives freaking completely out with over-the-top racist antics. Our entire culture feels like it’s teetering on the very ledge of some great and momentous (and necessary) changes. In reaction to it all, white evangelicals are completely, epically, totally, and absolutely losing their goddamned minds. Today, let me show you why.