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The Red Flags I Didn’t Notice

Reading Time: 7 minutes Red flags are those in-your-face warnings that a situation could be going pear-shaped in short order. And a lot of folks ignore those warnings, or aren’t experienced enough to perceive them in the first place.  Here were some of the main red flags I missed in relationships and religion alike when I was Christian.

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The Worst Advice Biff Got from Christians About Marriage

Reading Time: 10 minutes If there’s one thing ex-Christians in the Unequally Yoked Club know, it’s that our Christian spouses get the worst ever advice about how to handle our deconversions. Of course, the advice they get before then is bad too. Today, I’ll show you the three worst pieces of advice my Christian then-husband received–and how it backfired dramatically on him.

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The Unequally Yoked Club: The Meltdown of a Marriage

Reading Time: 10 minutes I’ve been wanting to return to the UYC lately, since I’ve seen new developments on that front in recent months. So today, I want to show you what happened after I deconverted from Christianity, and the ups and downs of how I handled sharing the news of that deconversion with my then-husband Biff. I didn’t do everything perfectly, but then, I reckon almost nobody ever does.

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The Israel Obsession: An Introduction to Christian Supersessionism

Reading Time: 8 minutes When it comes to fundagelical Christianity, few things make as little sense to outsiders to that culture as its collective near-obsession with all things Judaism. I’m going to start the party off by showing you the bizarre doctrinal belief of supersessionism, which explains why Christians have such a love-hate relationship with Judaism generally.

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No, Christians. Your Churches Are Already Dead.

Reading Time: 11 minutes Nowadays, many Christians act like they only run into trouble because individuals come in and wreck their parade. But they’re wrong. Despite what Christians believe, it’s not really all that one guy’s fault. It’s the fault of the system itself allowing those disruptions into the mix.