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Episode 29: What Atheists Wish Christians Knew About Them

Reading Time: 11 minutes I kept my deconversion a secret for nearly four years, but after being “outed” against my will I decided to go ahead and own it. Soon after, I began thinking about starting a blog to unpack my thoughts about faith and skepticism out loud for the benefit of others, and that’s when I read on […]

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Help Me Do What I Do

Reading Time: 2 minutes SCHOOL’S BACK IN SESSION, and yours truly has been buried under a gigantic pile of grading, ACT prep, and family trips for the last several weeks. But the time has come to dive back into putting out podcast episodes (about halfway through now) and working on a couple of manuscripts. The first manuscript is essentially […]

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Projects in the Works

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’ve got about a dozen blog posts in the queue waiting to see the light of day, but life hasn’t yet afforded me the time I need to get them finished. I feel like I’m zeroing in on some seminal ideas, too—maybe not new to everyone else but still new to me—so I’m eager to […]

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The Best of Godless in Dixie in 2018

Reading Time: 5 minutes Last year was a very. long. year. Remember Yanny vs. Laurel? That was in mid-May. I reminded my children of that and they were completely incredulous. I’m old enough to remember when newsworthy events only happened once a week, or even once a month. In 2018 it seems the news cycle completely respawned every 48 hours […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Godless In Dixie

Reading Time: 6 minutes Below you will find a survey of columns I’ve written over the last few years, starting with the top twenty or so most popular posts, followed by several categories listed in the menu below. Check them out and see which ones you missed! Be sure to catch the Godless in Dixie Podcast on Spotify, and […]

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Why God Keeps Showing Up in Public Schools (Video)

Reading Time: 3 minutes A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of speaking at the second annual Secular Summit held by the Secular Coalition of Arizona (video below). I mentioned them before at the end of another post, but they deserve several more mentions. The Importance of Organized Secularism It can be really difficult organizing secularists. In […]

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Come See Me at Skepticon 9 (Nov. 11-13)

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you happen to be within traveling distance of Springfield, MO the second weekend in November, I’ll be presenting a workshop at Skepticon 9 on the afternoon of Friday the 11th at 4pm. My topic? “Nonversations: How NOT to Talk to Very Religious People” If you’ve been following some of the ongoing discussion about how to […]

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Support Godless in Dixie Through Patreon

Reading Time: 2 minutes Between writing the blog, responding to emails, interacting with other writers, moderating discussion groups, traveling to speak to groups, appearing on podcasts, and generally networking with a growing list of friends, I’ve got my hands full! And there’s so much more I’d like to do.  I want to make more videos, and there are several creative […]