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At the breaking point: Canada, India, Poland, Ukraine, and the UN

Reading Time: 7 minutes Many myths carry the modern world, and high on that list is the myth of international relationships. One country cannot “be” friends or enemies with another country, but its representatives can play out an illusion of fraternity or animosity for economic or ideological ends. Alternately, when the game no longer serves, world representatives can take […]

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Sticking the landing: India’s moon shot, Prigozhin’s plane, Xi’s absence, and Africa’s entrance

Reading Time: 5 minutes One lucky lander escaped the world’s nonsense this week, when on August 23 India celebrated being the first country to successfully set down near the moon’s south pole. Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram lander holds a rover equipped for 14 days of exploration, to improve our understanding of lunar geology. The successful landing came days after Russia’s own […]

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Landmark High Court win for UK humanism

Reading Time: 4 minutes A recent High Court judgment recently found in favor of a humanist, and Kent County Council will not appeal the decision. This has been seen as a landmark ruling. The event might ignite discussions of whether or not humanism should be designated a religion. When looking at the definition for humanism as per the Humanists […]

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So this is NATO: Sweden, Finland, and Ukraine’s year in bids

Reading Time: 6 minutes On Monday, Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan promised to advance Sweden’s bid for membership to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Hungary, the only other hold-out for Swedish inclusion in the military alliance of 29 European and 2 North American states, agreed to follow suit if Turkey’s legislature ratified entry. Hours later, the US approved the […]

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The ethical quagmire of Jenin, for all of us

Reading Time: 6 minutes As I noted in a four-part series on Israel and the West, writing on Middle Eastern conflict is plagued by the immediate search for bias, with which to dismiss any competing intel from “the other side”. Al Jazeera will always report with certain priorities. The Times of Israel will report with others. And as situations […]

Posted inLaw

Along party lines: SCOTUS decisions and US schisms

Reading Time: 10 minutes Another term for the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has closed after a week of controversial rulings, and with the promise of a contentious Second-Amendment issue on the next session’s docket. In a bit of grim humor earlier this week, a social media meme proclaimed that, having mastered submarine engineering, keyboard warriors were currently getting their […]

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