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Christian show ‘The Chosen’ vandalizes its own billboards to generate buzz

Reading Time: 4 minutes In an attempt to portray themselves as better than other forms of faith-based media, the producers of a new Christian TV show engaged in the most stereotypically evangelical scheme ever: They depicted themselves as victims of persecution when no such thing was actually happening. The show is The Chosen, which generated plenty of (earned) media […]

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Former Fox News Director John Hanick charged with violating Russia sanctions

Reading Time: 2 minutes Former Fox News producer John Hanick has been charged by prosecutors for violating United States sanctions against a Russian oligarch. Violated Russia sanctions and lied about it to the FBI The Southern District of New York issued a press release on March 3rd announcing the unsealing of charges against Mr. Hanick. According to the release, […]

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Trend cycles, shmend cycles

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sometimes fortune favors the optimistic. It certainly did for me when one of my posts, “3 ways to combat the ´worst timeline´ blues,” brought out a commenter from a different slice of the political spectrum. In that post, I’d talked about the importance of overcoming our media fatigue, our sense of being dragged into inane […]

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‘I Got 99 Problems But A Vax Ain’t One’

Reading Time: 2 minutes This is a true story… “I got 99 problems but a vax ain’t one” weren’t the last words out of anti-vax Hillsong Church member Stephen Harmon. However, he did utter them before coming down with COVID and dying from the virus. The Sun reports: Stephen Harmon lost his battle on July 21 – after posting a […]

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Catholic Churches, Stoned Fish, And A Shaman

Reading Time: 2 minutes Secularism! Comedy! Newsassity! The Disappointed Cat Morning Show starts at 9 am EST and will cover today’s news and crack a few jokes while doing it. We are streaming to YouTube, the Laughing in Disbelief Facebook page, as well as the Atheist Comedy Buritto Facebook group. However, your humble host (that’s me, Dr. Canard, BTW) […]

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The Disappointed Cat Morning Show

Reading Time: < 1 minute Atheism And Progressive Politics! We are covering stories for our community. Here are the stories we’re covering on Weds June 9th at 9 am EST. The pharmacist who ‘intentionally’ destroyed 500 Covid vaccine doses gets three years in prison Burger King takes shot at Chick-Fil-A, will donate money from new chicken sandwich to LGBTQ organization […]

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Florida Dad Throws Baby At Police (Video)

Reading Time: 2 minutes   This sad and bizarre story is from the state of Florida. John Henry James III is the father who attempted to thwart arrest by “overhand throwing” his infant at a police officer. CNN reported the incident A Florida dad threw his infant at a deputy after a high-speed chase, sheriff’s office says: (CNN)A Florida man […]

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Georgia Town Builds The Tower Of Babel Chicken

Reading Time: 2 minutes This very real story is about a giant 62-foot chicken being built in a town in southern Georgia. While the Tower of Babel was intended to reach up into the heavens this construct is hoping to bring in tourist dollars. The Associated Press tells the fowl tale with Construction of 62-foot chicken underway in south Georgia […]