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Will American religion one day mirror Norwegian godlessness? We should be so lucky

Reading Time: 4 minutes Norwegian godlessness today just might resemble American religion tomorrow. I was thinking this as I read an essay in TheHumanist.com decrying America’s nouveau-traditional National Prayer Breakfast on Feb. 3 featuring President Joe Biden’s keynote call for unity. The United States, with its quasi-sacred religious freedom and church-state-separation ethos, does not have an officially designated national […]

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Armstrong’s Bad Sociological Claims: Religion Makes You a Better Person

Reading Time: 12 minutes Dave Armstrong has recently been involved with me in a protracted debate about the unequal distribution of evidence for God’s existence, and God being unfair. Within the debates was a side point about whether this unequal evidence is of benefits in our earthly existences or whether it is just rebalanced in an afterlife. Armstrong takes […]

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It’s Not Just Young White Liberals Who Are Leaving Religion

Reading Time: 4 minutes I am fairly addicted to FiveThirtyEight, even though I am a Brit, although I’ve more recently been watching their podcasts and videos on YouTube. That said, a recent piece was particularly interesting: “It’s Not Just Young White Liberals Who Are Leaving Religion“. It starts: Only 47 percent of American adults said they were members of […]

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Huge Generational Surge in UK Non-Religious

Reading Time: 3 minutes This is from Humanists UK. What to me is fascinating is the shrinking of the Anglican segment and the relative growth of “other Christians”: The latest British Social Attitudes Survey has shown that the share of the population belonging to no religion has continued to grow, now standing at 53%, with 12% Anglicans, 7% Catholics, […]

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Humanist PAC Marks Gains for Atheists and Freethinkers – and Hope for All Americans in Future Elections

Reading Time: 2 minutes (Washington, D.C., November 5, 2020) – While freethought leaders hoped for more progress this election toward a safer, saner, stronger America, they view the very close and mixed results as a call for greater participation in the electoral process by the atheist and humanist community. “Sadly, this election shows that a substantial number of Americans continue to […]

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Democrats Ignoring Young Nonreligious Voters

Reading Time: 5 minutes I’ve always been interested in the demographics of the nonreligious (hence my massive fanship of The Nonreligious: Understanding Secular People and Societies by Zuckerman, Galen and Pasquale). As a result, this FiveThirtyEight article is of particular interest. The main point has been pretty obvious for some time: the nonreligious are far more likely to be left-leaning and Democrat […]

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Atheism: Proportion of Northern Ireland “Nones” at Record High

Reading Time: 2 minutes Northern Ireland is synonymous with religious divide and sectarian belief and conflict. Now, unsurprisingly given similar trends over both the rest of the UK and other similar countries, those who profess to no religion have grown to record numbers: The proportion of people in Northern Ireland who identify as ‘non-religious’ has hit a record high […]