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My Atheistic Moral Philosophy; Objective, Subjective and Theistic Morality

Reading Time: 22 minutes As promised, here, finally, is a hopefully succinct synopsis (ha, er, impossible) of my moral philosophy. In setting it out, I will also counter positions adopted and claimed by theistic thinkers and apologists (am I implying apologists aren’t thinkers?). Let’s set out the basics. What is morality? Generally, the study of morality is split into three […]

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More on “Objective” Morality

Reading Time: 7 minutes I recently posted a piece on objective morality in response to Jeremiah Traegar’s article here at ATP. In discussing my response elsewhere, there were the following points that I would like to deal with here in order to kill two birds with one philosopher’s stone. My original quotes are in italic, with the commenter’s comments in […]

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My Views on “Objective” Morality

Reading Time: 5 minutes Jeremiah Traeger, here at ATP, recently posted on objective morality and referenced my beliefs in this context, especially regarding conceptual nominalism. I will look to succinctly set out my beliefs here again to stimulate some discussion. What is a conceptual nominalist? Let me elucidate: Abstract Objects Abstract objects are incredibly important aspects within the context […]

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Dan Fincke on moral objectivity

Reading Time: 8 minutes Dan Fincke, blogger and philosopher over at the Patheos atheist channel at Camels With Hammers is always producing great content. With his permission, I am reblogging a really good piece on the term “objective” which gets bandied around with wild abandon. I am not a fan of it since, as a conceptual nominalist, mind independent abstract ideas beg for a Platonic realm of sorts, such that objective rather begs the question.

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