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The Southern Baptist sex abuse report ignored the most important solution

Reading Time: 6 minutes On Sunday, the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in the United States, publicly released a massive internal investigation into the sex abuse crisis that’s embroiled so many of their churches. The report took an investment of roughly $4 million, involved interviews with hundreds of people, and collected over 5 terabytes of documents. The […]

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Paige Patterson’s Having a Tough Time, Y’all

Reading Time: 9 minutes A while ago, we looked at Paige Patterson, a Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) leader who landed in very hot water thanks to his intense misogyny. Lately, he’s been trying to snake his way back into hucksterism–only to discover that SBC flocks are way less receptive to such comebacks than they used to be. Today, let’s cry tears of peanut butter for this reprobate and his difficulties–and then let’s see how his return to ministry’s progressing.

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The Hilarious Glory of a Failed Showdown

Reading Time: 13 minutes Toxic Christians like to set up big showdowns between two diametrically-opposed sides to force other Christians to pick a side they dislike, in order to avoid picking a side they profoundly don’t want to support. That mentality used to work grandly. But now that Christianity is failing, it isn’t working quite so well. Here’s a Christian who tried to set up one of those showdowns, and how he failed on a galactic level.

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Paige Patterson: When Halfway There Isn’t Good Enough

Reading Time: 9 minutes Poor Paige Patterson. The fallout continues for this domestic-violence-advocating Southern Baptist leader. Why, the SBC denomination itself has begun tearing at its own flanks. Two sides square off for a Battle Royale. And possibly the most tragic figures of all in the fight are the right-wing Christians who don’t understand how the conservative movement they love so much has led their end of Christianity directly to this pass. Today, I’ll show you what I mean.

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