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Christians (Still) Suck at Making Parables

Reading Time: 9 minutes I wanted to take a quick detour to show you one of the two incidents that inspired me to begin blogging. This first incident involves a terrible Christian who trotted out a miserable little fantasy he called a parable. Today, I’ll show you a rundown of what parables are, why Christians’ parables in general suck, and how one of those Christians helped inspire me to begin blogging.

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No Low is Too Low: #MeToo Edition

Reading Time: 12 minutes This time the guy digging frantically for an even lower spot in my estimation of Christians is Gus Eli Reinhardt, who wrote an absolutely shocking post trying to piggyback on the #MeToo movement by comparing a standard Reformed doctrine to a violent rape. Worse, he’s depicting this spiritual violation as a good thing. Here’s why Christians keep doing this, and why it backfired this time.

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Salt: The Permission Slip Christians Wanted.

Reading Time: 10 minutes Today we’ll be talking about the increasingly-popular Christianese phrase, “salt and light.” It’s one of those fundagelical concepts that has been creeping around in the background of Christian churches and apologetics for a while now–this idea that churches and Christians alike are supposed to be “salt and light” to the society around them. I didn’t hear the phrase much at all when I was a Christian; like a lot of their other weird ideas, this is a pretty modern one so it might have taken you by surprise too. We’re going to talk about how Christians conceptualize this idea, and then how it actually works out in reality, because this idea is yet another in a long, long line of excuses Christians use to be assholes to people. Knowing about this permission slip helps you see it when it’s deployed against you, and it’s one of those dog-whistle terms that is useful to know when you see Christians slip it into conversation.

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