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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inLeaving Religion

The Big Quit has hit pastors too

Reading Time: 7 minutes Even in the best of times, pastors have a very difficult row to hoe. With every passing year, their job just seems to get harder, pay less, demand more of them, and feel more thankless. And yet there always seemed to be roughly one quintillion more aspiring pastors than there were churches needing the position filled. Well, now, amid the general Great Resignation/Big Quit trend, that last truth is changing at lightning speed.

Posted inReligion

Back When Al Mohler Supported Women Pastors

Reading Time: 9 minutes Yesterday, I showed you the re-eruption of a decades-old slapfight going on in evangelicalism: whether or not evangelicals should allow women to be pastors. This archaic-sounding squabble represents a central issue to the usual gaggle of Christian Right bigots-for-Jesus. And very few of them despise the notion of women pastors quite like Al Mohler. He fights against the idea with all the radicalized passion of a convert — because that is precisely what he is. Today, let me show you a very different Al Mohler: one who fully supported women pastors, and then, I’ll show you the force that brought him up short one fateful day.

Posted inReligion

LifeWay: A Continuing Spiral to the Bottom

Reading Time: 10 minutes LifeWay is the publishing and propaganda arm of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) — and easily the denomination’s biggest and most influential subgroup. But in recent years, LifeWay looks more and more like a star that is falling. Today, let me catch you up on what’s going on with this evangelical publishing company — and show you why their most recent leader reflects this dysfunctional group’s covert goals a lot better than its stated ones.

Posted inReligion

John Ortberg: The Scandal That Just Keeps Getting Worse

Reading Time: 9 minutes Recently, yet another megapastor lost his cushy gig due to scandal. John Ortberg battled against this inevitable conclusion for weeks, but yesterday he finally resigned (effective August 2nd). This scandal’s got a lot of similarities to the ones we’ve seen erupting out of evangelicalism like the angriest volcano ever — so I wanted to look at it today. Today, let’s examine John Ortberg’s scandal — and see what it tells us about that end of Christianity.

Posted inReligion

Church Consultants: The New Old Trend That Definitely Won’t Save Christianity

Reading Time: 8 minutes Church consultants perform many functions for church leaders, from crafting and executing surveys to creating evangelism plans to coming up with ways to stop a church from decline and closure. Many even subcontract out their services to bigger Christian organizations. And yet somehow, Christianity declines anyway. Today, let me show you the jackals squabbling over this bloated religion’s corpse: church consultants.

Posted inReligion

Fixing Evangelicals’ Broken Authoritarianism

Reading Time: 10 minutes Recently, we encountered Ronald J. Sider’s 2005 evangelical classic, The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience. In it, the author explored what he viewed as evangelicals’ signal failure: their utter unwillingness even to pretend to care about what Jesus told them to do during their finite lifetimes. However, Sider offered a downright galaxy-brained solution to this terrible problem. Indeed, he was completely positive that this solution would totally fix everything. Yes, truly! Today, I’ll show you how Ronald J. Sider totally and permanently solved the problem of evangelical hypocrisy through the simple magic of authoritarianism.

Posted inReligion

A Pastor’s Apology in Portland (Revealed Way Too Much)

Reading Time: 7 minutes On Sunday, I showed you something that happened to me in my freshly-deconverted days. That wasn’t the only thing that happened that day, however. See, the pastor of that church accidentally let slip something huge to me. It turned out to be a truth I really needed to hear. Today, let me show you what else happened, and what it revealed to me at a very critical stage.

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