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Fear and Rage: Evangelicals’ Two Responses to Their Diminishing Power

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! Recently, I showed you an evangelical’s request that his tribe quit thinking so transactionally. Indeed, Mark Wingfield wanted evangelicals to change their approach not just to religion, but also to politics. He thinks evangelicals’ transactional mindset is absolutely tanking their sales — along with their reputation as a business. Whatever’s actually behind evangelicals’ losses, […]

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Somebody DIED, Pat Robertson

Reading Time: 13 minutes Pat Robertson’s latest stunt merits our special attention and scorn. Dude accidentally revealed just how ineffective his magic spells are. But it gets worse.  He also revealed just how little his religion has done to make him into a decent human being.

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Hallelujah! Pat Robertson Has Heard from Jesus About Another Election!

Reading Time: 7 minutes For a group of people who really hate evolution, fundagelicals sure have evolved on their views of Donald Trump. And we’re not talking about micro-evolution, here. We’re talking about mega-huge macro-evolution. Except macro-evolution isn’t a thing, or so they say. Anyway, I was so struck by this story that I decided we needed to run a special off-day edition of Roll to Disbelieve.

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Why Evangelicals Love Halloween.

Reading Time: 9 minutes For a group of people who genuinely believe that their god is the most powerful force in the universe, evangelical Christians as a group sure do shit their pants over the idea of Halloween. Today we’re going to talk about why they seem to love to hate Halloween, and what this love-hate relationship means for the religion.