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It’s Not Just Young White Liberals Who Are Leaving Religion

Reading Time: 4 minutes I am fairly addicted to FiveThirtyEight, even though I am a Brit, although I’ve more recently been watching their podcasts and videos on YouTube. That said, a recent piece was particularly interesting: “It’s Not Just Young White Liberals Who Are Leaving Religion“. It starts: Only 47 percent of American adults said they were members of […]

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Democrat Candidates and the Religiosity of Their Supporters

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pew Research Center have been at it with their data collection concerning the Democratic candidates for the primaries. The synopsis is interesting if hardly surprising: On the whole, among registered voters who identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party, Protestants and Catholics are most likely to name Joe Biden as their first choice, according […]

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Americans and Their Knowledge of Religion

Reading Time: 2 minutes Polling website FiveThirtyEight recently released a piece reporting on the Pew Research Center survey on Americ’s knowledge of religion, one that always throws up interesting results. It’s a questionnaire of 32 multiple-choice questions about religion and spirituality, a quiz that you can still take. FiveThirtyEight summarised: Many Americans know some basic facts about major religions and […]

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World Prayer Behaviours – US an Exception for Wealthy Countries

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Pew Research Center is always a source of good information about religion and religious habits around the world. One of their articles recently looked at survey and data collection that involve the prayer behaviour of religious people in various countries around the world. As Pew report: In every other wealthy country surveyed – that is, those […]

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Religion, Atheism and the Young

Reading Time: 3 minutes You quite often hear it said that the youth of today, the Millennials and so on, are less religious than the older generations. This is certainly true in America as research has consistently shown. However, this can also be seen more globally. As ever, there are some countries who defy this pattern. That said, where there […]

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The Conversion/Deconversion Wars: Islam and Christianity

Reading Time: 3 minutes It turns out that (American) Islam is losing Muslims at a pretty high rate. About a quarter of adults raised Muslim deconvert. The problem is, from a secularist’s point of view, is that just as many convert to the religion. It has a high conversion rate, especially when compared to Christianity. Islam is growing by […]