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Reading Time: 2 minutes You probably know of me But you don’t know me I’m the lion waiting in the den The mystical life force that beckons forth, A line of salamanders and amphibians All morphed together to form me Your queen Truth is I existed only as plot, An evil necessary, If females were not needed for reproduction, […]

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Reading Time: < 1 minute How can I teach when I am heartbroken? When my throat clenches,when my words flee, when my eyes blur,how am I to softly composethoughts into images,dreams into documents? My fingers knit over one another:nails picked to shards,skin wan, hands trembling,a rasp of calluses and dry patches,a susurration of nerves. You wouldn’t knowthat my hands bleed in […]

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We’ve got everything here

Reading Time: < 1 minute We’ve got meds for your head  when the going gets tough  We’ve got taurine in cans  when caffeine’s not enough. We’ve got porno and politics, cartoons and stuff So you don’t have to think  when you’re down in the dumps Now this little pill,  you can take when you’re ill And it makes you feel better like that And we’ve got plenty more  for when you […]

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Reading Time: < 1 minute Each year winter takes my hands:I imagine them, bundled off to becomeA wreath to adorn the season’s front door.My hands, red and crackled with eczema,Nestle against a stranger’s hands,Curled tight with tendonitis.Raynaud’s colors the next pair over(blue and purple, due to the cold)While arthritis coils the next pairPainfully inward, inward.No shoveling snow for me,Nor washing […]

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The last animists

Reading Time: < 1 minute They say we have woken From a long night of magic, Of cravings, Fire for fire, earth for earth. A wind springs up. The birds stir in the dovecotes. It is so clear in this cold light That the firmament turns without music, That when the stars forge The atoms of our being No smith […]

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Returning to camp

Reading Time: < 1 minute I have gone among those rutting Stamping wind-blown men Out on the fields of heat. I have felt their voices hammer Like the stone axe, Felt what it is to feel The need of ligament To arc the body as a bow, Unsheaf the bones And send them flying Hard into the haunch of space. […]

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Reading Time: < 1 minute   View this post on Instagram   After all of this, remember we need system change. #AloneTogether Poem @lucyssutton Edited by @ocean.grrrl #DazedTV #SystemChange A post shared by Dazed (@dazed) on Apr 25, 2020 at 5:22am PDT In terms of emotion, in terms of sentiment, that. Stay in touch! Like A Tippling Philosopher on Facebook: […]