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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inLGBTQ, Religion

Tony Waller and the Cruel Dilemma.

Reading Time: 8 minutes Do you folks remember Anthony Waller? He’s a youth pastor I discussed about a year ago who got caught with a lot of child pornography on his computer. At the time, I considered his story to be yet another entry in the ever-growing list of ways that Christianity is failing its own young people. There are some noteworthy updates to the tale that I want to briefly touch on today.

Posted inReligion

The Ongoing Ashley Madison Crisis: 400 Pastors Might Resign on Sunday. Maybe. Any Minute.

Reading Time: 7 minutes From Ed Stetzer, a Southern Baptist Convention leader who absolutely never gets anything seriously wrong about his religion, comes this fascinating blog post declaring that “at least 400 church leaders (pastors, elders, staff, deacons, etc.) will be resigning Sunday” because their names will be or have been found on the Ashley Madison customer database hack.

Posted inReligion

How Non-Christians’ Marriages Work. (Um, Right?)

Reading Time: 13 minutes Considering the overweening and galactic-level hubris they’re displaying by daring to offer serious advice to people in real need of real help, we shouldn’t be surprised at all that they’re just as misguided and erroneous in their presentation of a typical non-Christian marriage as they are in how Christians should conduct their marriages. Today I want to talk about what the movie’s creators think they’re saying about how non-Christians’ marriages work.

Posted inReligion

Youth Pastors: Harbingers of the End.

Reading Time: 9 minutes Tony Waller’s story illustrates an overarching trend and a deeper problem in the religion: Christianity is failing its young people. To understand how someone like this could end up in a church ministry involving children, we have to dig deep into what evangelical churches think about youth ministry–and how someone unqualified could end up with a church’s most precious and finite treasure in his hands.

Posted inReligion

How the Purity Myth Destroys Lives.

Reading Time: 14 minutes We’ve talked about the Purity Myth off and on here, and even knowing what I know about it I still get completely blindsided sometimes by the dramatic examples of lives that have been destroyed by it. Today we’re going to look at one of those lives–and talk about that person’s mistakes in perception.

Posted inReligion

Telling Lies, Telling Sweet Little Lies (To Myself).

Reading Time: 7 minutes Thankfully, after I’d fled Biff, I had a variety of online friends through the gaming community who offered me shelter. I chose the friend’s place that was furthest on the map from Biff that still spoke English: Vancouver, Canada. I have generally very fond memories of Canada. I was their token barbarian lass from Texas […]

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